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Welcome to Zombie Gaming blog! Purpose of this blog is to save you time looking for free online zombie games that actually worth attention. Considering there are thousands of games involving zombies it isn’t always easy to find the right game for you.

First things first; not all the zombie games belong to the same genre, I guess you already knew that but thing you may not know, is the criteria you should use to find a right game!.. It doesn’t matter what you are looking for; hardcore zombie slaying / shooting game or post apocalypses strategy games, puzzle zombie games (yes there are puzzles about zombies too); or anything else; Having 15 year experience in gaming industry, being a professional gamer gives me some kind of authority to tell you what I’m about to tell you; Most important thing in video/online games is the gameplay; if the gameplay is mega fun, not even genre preferences matter, much less visual/sound effects or even a plot! Still, this blog will help you to find some of the best zombie games in several directions like Zombie Killing Games, Zombie RPG, and something more original.

You’re probably wondering how a zombie game could be original in any way. Truth is, If not the two games we will discuss later in this post, I’d be wondering about that too but… Let’s see:

Earn To Die

Earn 2 Die - Zombie GameOne of the best flash games of 2012 I’d say, not just for zombie games fans but for everyone, like most epic games, Earn 2 Die transcends genre interests and here is why: While you have to kill some zombies in this game, Earn To Die is not zombie killing game; also, while you spent 99% of gametime in vehicle, Earn 2 Die is not a racing game; Simply put, I cannot assign a known genre to this game and why? because it is unique. Well about being unique, there is a game called Shopping Cart Hero which has nothing to do with zombies but the concept of the game is practically the same, so there is much arguing going on about which game actually is the original but that is not important in this case, the point is, game is unique, it has mega fun gameplay and you only have to play 3 minutes to realize you are hooked for good. Naturally, I’m not going to discuss the game itself (it would take away surprise element), just know this, this game really is something else! good luck have fun.

Ashes 2 Ashes – Zombie Cricket

Ashes 2 Ashes - Zombie CricketThe first minute I saw this game I thought “what a joke”, and I was gonna turn it off, though I decided to make 1 shot and there I was, doomed for eternity! I play Ashes 2 Ashes – Zombie Cricket every day at least 30 minutes now and trust me, it has been going on for a long time now. So what is so unique about this game? Zombie and Cricket for starters? In short, all you do is hit the stupid cricket ball trying to hit zombies, use powerups and varieties of balls with unique abilities; some RPG elements also present; like once you clear 1 level you earn 1 skill point, skill points are used to upgrade ball power and speed. I’m pretty sure this still sounds pathetic and btw it looks pathetic if you’re watching someone else playing this game, but if you play it for just couple of minutes…  Every self-respecting gamer must play this game at least once! Tons of fun, challenging and addictive. Good luck, have fun!

Zombie Trailer Park

zombie trailer parkZombie Trailer Park may not be one hundred percent original, in fact I’m pretty sure you have played strategy games like this before, for example Zombies vs Robots. But the point is, Zombie Trailer Park is a king of this genre. Defense/offense strategy where you have to manage resources (money) and troops to beat the enemy; Game works like this, you as a player and computer as your opponent both have a cash flow, you can spend cash to upgrade money income, to hire soldiers to build barracks and other buildings where you can hire more powerful soldiers; when you hire soldiers they start moving by themselves (you have no control over them), same as computer troops start moving towards your base, whichever wins the fight keeps going towards the base and when reached starts destroying the enemy base; goal is, to be the one who destroys enemy base and the way to do that is a proper management of money and other stuff. Game is incredibly fun. Recommended for zombie fans and strategy gamers.


Zombie games don’t really scary people, games like Rebuild or SAS series entertain us, those into good old Resident Evil stuff find pleasure in adventures and atmosphere of being left alone in the dark against brain eaters, surviving, solving puzzles, saving ammunition and strong weapons for the serious fights. But games like these are not really scary.

April 2014 Update

New wave of zombie games approaching: Interesting projects by AMC The Walking Dead Video Game (single player adventure / survival game) as well as Facebook version (multiplayer / social) strategy game The Walking Dead. Con Artists presented intriguing project of the Last Stand Multiplayer survival game project. Game set in post apocalypse world Dead Zone shares similarities in gameplay engine with once very popular Facebook strategy game Kingdoms of Camelot and popular flash game by Sara Northway Rebuild. So stay tuned at ZombieGamesBlog for more info and don’t forget to visit brand new zombie games blog for more detailed information about the games.



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