Zombie Killing Games

SAS Zombie Assault 3

SAS Zombie Assault 3

First game that comes to mind is SAS Zombie Assault 3; not 1 and not 2 (the both suck) but 3. Ninja Kiwi knows thing or two about making hardcore shooters and also how to bring zombies into action. Brightest example is SAS Tower Defense but we are not going to talk about solely tower defense genre. This post is about classic shooter games and we are discussing SAS Zombie Assault 3:

Imagine yourself trapped in a wooden house somewhere in the middle of nowhere, the house is huge and empty, only living thing in it is you. Outside is crawling with zombies, they are trying to break through the games and eat your brains out! What you have on you is a good old Glock 19. The only way to stop zombies is to make them swallow as much G19 bullets as you can. What makes this game fun is a small strategy element; thing is, each side of the house has a door and zombies have to take it down before they can get in. You should put the zombies down before they breach the door and the fix the door by pressing F, and move on to the next door. Fun, engaging shooter! Have fun!

Dead Frontier 3

Dead Frontier 3

I personally don’t like this game, not Dead Frontier 1 or Dead Frontier 2 / 3 not even Dead Frontier online, reason why I decided to post this game in this blog is its insane popularity among players so who I am to argue. But this is not to say I’m not going to criticize it in this post, so here we go: Dead Frontier is a pathetic attempt to replicate Resident Evil from the top view. At least they should have tried going for isometric instead of top but hey, top is easier… Regardless, what you do is wonder around like a complete idiot and pointlessly shoot zombies that come from nowhere, they keep coming and you keep shooting. I failed to find out what is the goal of this game but who said it has one? So, you pick up some ammo on the way that spawns spontaneously, and kill zombies. End of story. Good luck, have fun.

Ultra Zombie Killer

Ultra Zombie Killer

This is the official description of the game: You’ve crash landed in the middle on nowhere. Zombies are on the horizon moving to your crash site. Defend the site or be eaten alive. Well honestly, I don’t know why people play such a shallow games or why do they even insist having zombies in it but like I said earlier, game can be shallow, it doesn’t have to have story or cool intros, gameplay is what matters; So, I have to admit, Ultra Zombie Killer (as cliché and pathetic title it has) kind of has a fun gameplay, there, I said it! Well, I guess what developer wanted to say by “defend the site” in the game description was – kill zombies before they kill you; it is not a strategy game or a defense game, you just have to put toast some zombie a$$ before they get to you! Some might find this game fun, some may not!

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