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One of the best zombie games ever made, and one of my favorite RPG games (let’s not forget we are talking flash games here). First of all let me tell you this, developers of Sonny game didn’t spare time, effort and resources in making this game; professional voice-overs, how often we get to see that in flash games? Well we certainly do sometimes but that doesn’t make the game great. Sonny on the other hand is a great PRG game; Let me start from the RPG part – If you have played Diablo / Diablo 2, you probably know about skill trees; it like, when you level up and receive skill points, you can spend these points to learn new talent and then build a tree of talents; difference between talent tree and just randomly learning talents  is huge; Let’s say there are 3 different talent trees for warrior class, learning talents in 1 tree would make you a strong Arms Warrior or if you build a second tree it would make you a better defender etc. The point is, talents in 1 tree and interlinked and they improve each other. I will not talk more about this, game is recommended for everyone! Good luck have fun!

Zombie Infestation

Zombie Infestation

As much as I want more Zombie RPG games to exist on flash platform, there aint or rather the ones that are, not even worth mentioning; Also as much as I want more Zombie adventure games to exist, there aint many, but definitely more than RPG ones. Zombie Infestation is kind of adventure / horror zombie game with horrible dark view (but people like it anyway, so there you go). Reviewing games I don’t actually like drains the life force out of me so I’ll bring in the official description of the game

“Trapped within the dark and eerie confines of an abandoned bomb shelter, you must make you way to the deepest level, kill the carrier of the alien strain, and get out alive.” How original…  Don’t get your hopes up, and don’t expect anything adventurous… All you get to see is dark rooms, lots of them. So shoot zombies, find keys or whatever the items are there in this game and have fun.

neverending light

Neverending Light

I have heard many things about this game but I haven’t personally had a chance to try it out. From what I heard, Neverending Light is a decent adventure zombie game. With Half Life – ish intros and even some humor.  Official description sounds attractive too (not being sarcastic) – “Neverending Light play information [AGE WARNING 18+] A tour that starts as a normal cave expedition turns rapidly into something nasty.. Can you survive this horrible adventure?”. Now that I think about it, I recall a game intro where you descend together with your expedition team somewhere in some kind of mining facility but I’m not sure. The point is, source of my information is more than reliable, : ) and the game is worth checking out! Good luck , have fun!


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