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When people (assuming they know thing or two about online gaming) hear about Boxhead, zombie games pop in mind, for some stupid reason everyone associate Boxhead with zombie games and there comes there theory of Boxhead being real good at zombie games, stereotypes… OFC people will associate it with every game if they include “Boxhead” in every game title, pathetic. I guess what I’m trying to say is that Boxhead games SUCK, big time, except this one though; Nightmare – zombie strategy game: Essentially Nightmare is a defense game, like any other tower defense, where you build up towers and defensive structures to defend the base, slight differences in game mechanics but the concept is the same, also, you get to leave the base and toast some zombies yourself. Game is ok! Recommended for zombie fans!



Post apocalypse, survivors, group leaders, scavenging food and resources, organizing missions, managing resources. Game is a blast. Games like Rebuild and Rebuild 2 inspire me to hold on to this platform. Trust me when I say, game worth every frustrating second you spend learning it. Yes, you have to read a little and adapt the game mechanics to start enjoying it. I wouldn’t say it’s complicated but not one of the easiest ones either. But like I said, at the end of the day, Rebuild is kind of game that makes you smile. What you need to focus on in this game is to keep growing your territory and scavenging food as you go. Control as much farms as you can to make sure you’re people don’t starve, and some other things I’m not gonna talk about in this post. Game is much interested if you know nothing about it!

robots vs zombies

Robots vs Zombies

Okay, here is the thing, there are two games with similar titles, (almost similar) one is called Robots vs Zombies (which is the subject of this post) and the other one is called Zombies vs Robots, which is also a strategy (tower defense) game and which we will discuss in farther posts. But for now it is Robots vs Zombies by Miniclip:

Remember the review about Zombie Trailer Park game? This game is practically the same (concept and mechanics) but the visuals are more attractive and adequate. Although, I have to say I didn’t like Miniclip stealing stuff from Blizzard Entertainment; like sound effects from Stracraft game as well as art work of buildings and even characters. If you remember Protos race from Starcraft game, they had units called Zylots; the very same units present in this game, and even the sound effects of their attack is the same. But not the point; Game is fun, read Zombie Trailer Park review to learn about game mechanics, it is basically the same.

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